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B.Ed 3rd Semester School Internship English Version

Community Base Activities



The main tool for the progress of human life is education through which the overall development of a human being is possible. But with time, the aims and objectives of this education have changed a lot. Success in The education system depends on the teacher-student curriculum and the school. Modern educational psychology has been told to give special importance to the needs, curiosity, interest, etc. of the students.

Schools are the mainstay of the modern traditional education system. The students of the school have to spend more time. So this school should be arranged in such a way that the students can learn through joy. The school has various furniture, toilets, teaching aids, playgrounds as well as gardens. As big trees give us shade, small trees also give us colorful flowers. The child attracts the student.

According to Wikipedia, Gardening is the practice of growing and cultivating plants as part of horticulture. In the garden, ornamental plants are obtained for their flowers, foliage old overall appearance. The school is mainly planted with flowers and some fruit trees. Leafy trees can be planted around the field and other colorful flowering plants like sunflowers, jaba, rose, toger, etc. can be planted. Various top trees can be placed on the school porch.


The various purposes of this work are as follows-

  • Garden school helps to enhance the beauty.
  • Flower the garden attracts students towards the school.
  • Does the school infrastructure provide a certain size.
  • Helps to provide peace of mind to students and teachers.
  • School students can get acquainted with different flowers.
  • Helps teachers-students to take care of trees.
  • Students and teachers are encouraged to plant flower trees and various fruit trees in their own homes.
  • Awaken the love for trees among the students.
  • Students gain knowledge about the beauty of flowers.


Making a garden in the school has a special significance. Gardening or planting trees, tending trees, etc. increase the efficiency of the students. Also creating a garden enhances the visual aesthetics among the students. The students are attracted to the school as well as the education. The students get acquainted with different flowers. They also gain knowledge about the seasons.

Through this work, an attitude of sympathy and cooperation is formed among the students. While working on making gardens, an attitude of team formation or honesty is also formed among the students. The students become tidy in nature.


The role of the headmaster in making school gardens or planting trees is undeniable. As the head of the school, the main responsibilities of the school garden are –

  • The headmaster determines the specific and adequate amount for installing glass in the school.
  • The headmaster inspires other teachers-teaching congregations, non-teaching staff, and students to plant trees.
  • Employs different workers if necessary.
  • Gathers various materials and materials for making gardens.


Many people take part in creating gardens in schools, one of which is the teachers. In addition to teaching in the teacher’s school, they do other things such as being by the side of the students in Gardening. The work that teachers do to create a garden is –

  • To impart knowledge about gardening to the students.
  • To impart knowledge about the benefits of gardening to the students.
  • Giving various advice or instructions to the students to make the garden.
  • If necessary, the teacher to help his students with various tasks.
  • To motivate the students to create gardens by dividing them into different donations.
  • To impart knowledge about different flowers to the students. Etc.


In addition to the teacher-student, headteacher, non-teaching staff also participate in the creation of the garden in various ways such as –

  • Payment and account keeping in different sectors.
  • Gardening-appropriate materials are procured.
  • Provides other workers for gardening as needed.
  • He also takes care of the flowering plants in the garden.
  • When someone picks flowers from a flowering tree in the garden, they do the work of identifying them and providing the peace they need.


  • The main responsibility for creating a school garden lies with the students of the school. The role that students play in creating a garden is –
  • The first students have an idea of ​​what size garden will be in which place.
  • They also often give the idea of ​​which flowers to plant.
  • Flower maintenance, such as-
  1. Plugging,
  2. Planting flowering plants,
  3. Regular watering of trees,
  4. Leaf pruning in different shapes,
  5. Fertilization etc.


The initiatives taken as a Trainee Teacher to create a garden in the selected school are-

  • Flower seedlings have been bought first for garden construction.
  • Necessary materials have been procured for the garden.
  • I have inspired other trainee teachers.
  • We have also inspired students, teachers, and other staff.
  • I have planted saplings in flower tops.
  • I have watered the flower trees regularly. The students of the school have helped a lot.
  • Weeded shots.
  • I have provided fertilizer to the flowering plants if necessary.
  • I have also cut the leaves of school deciduous trees in different melds.


The construction of the school garden and its subsequent shootings should be done without prior discussion.

  • It is necessary to allocate money for the maintenance, maintenance, etc. of the school garden.
  • Construction of school gardens a committee needs to be formed for this program where there will be the headteacher of the school as the head, some other teachers are also educators and some students.
  • An adequate amount of garden care equipment should be arranged.
  • Need to hire well-trained gardeners if required.
  • To make the garden attractive, you have to plant different colorful flowers.
  • Some rules have to be made such as not to touch the tree, not to leave the leaves, not to pick flowers, etc.




No society or country is able to improve without the education of the present age. Education helps to light the lamp of light by removing the sky hidden in people. So education is one of our necessary programs. The main goal of modern education is the overall development of the student, among which the knowledge of cleanliness and knowledge about beauty is a key issue. The four main issues of education management are – teacher-student curriculum and school.

Schools are the main place for students to get an education. Students have to spend a lot of time in this school. Therefore, the responsibility of enhancing the beauty and keeping the school clean and tidy is mainly on the students. The more the students are aware of this cleanliness and increase the beauty of the school premises, the more the school will be ahead in terms of cleanliness and beauty. Not only that, our society and country will become clean and beautiful.

If the school is clean and beautiful, the teachers and students will be able to stay healthy and disease-free and the reading process will continue. People in the school neighbourhood will also be attracted to the school and will be interested in sending their children to school.


There are several purposes for this work:

  • Clean cleanliness helps to enhance the beauty of the school.
  • To make the school environment healthier.
  • To make the school attractive.
  • To keep the school environment free from pollution.
  • Improving the health of students.
  • To enhance the aesthetics of the students.
  • Awaken the sense of cleanliness in the students.


As the cleanliness and beauty of the school premises increased, the school became more attractive to the students, to the teachers, and to the parents. If the beauty of the school increases, the beautification of the society and the country will take place. Students can keep clean and the beauty of society will increase.


The school premises are clean and beautiful and these matters are the responsibility of the headmaster of the school. In addition, other teachers should fulfil this responsibility and help.

The work that the headmaster and other teachers of the school do for the cleanliness and beautification of the school premises is-

  • Giving student’s knowledge about cleanliness and beautification.
  • To motivate the students to clean the school premises and arrange them in different ways.
  • Prohibit students from throwing rubbish wherever they can.
  • If necessary, purchase various items such as flowers, vases, flower trees, tubs, pictures of various scholars, etc., and ask the students to decorate them in the right place.
  • Divide students into different groups for different tasks if necessary.
  • Instruct the students to decorate the school premises with their own creations.
  • If necessary, the teacher himself will work with the students.


Non-teaching staff also participates in cleaning and beautifying the school premises such as –

  • Keep track of the purchase of materials required to enhance the cleanliness and beauty of the school.
  • Going to the market to buy different items.
  • To employ workers to keep school premises, toilets, etc. clean if necessary.
  • To make some rules for keeping the school clean and tidy, such as not spitting anywhere, not throwing torn paper on the school premises, etc.


The students of the school play a major role in keeping the school clean and beautiful. The things that students do are-

  • Students do not throw shredded paper or other waste on the school premises.
  • Students keep their Art and Graft items in the right place in the school to keep the school tidy.
  • Do not spit anywhere on the school premises.
  • Helps maintain the beauty of the school by taking care of school flowers and other trees.


Selected Schools as a Trainee Teacher at High School, the things I have done to increase the cleanliness and beauty of the school premises are-

  • As a training teacher, I impart knowledge about cleanliness and beauty to the students of that school.
  • To inform the students about cleanliness, health, beauty, aesthetics and to motivate them in various activities.
  • I myself have done cleaning work with the students to keep them clean.
  • To enhance the beauty of the school we have gifted the school with a vase of flowers.
  • Arranged a dustbin for the purpose of keeping the school clean.


The initiatives that can be taken to clean and beautify the school premises are-

  • Necessary funds need to be allocated for cleaning and beautification of school premises.
  • To procure necessary items for cleaning and beautification of the school such as dustbin, spittoon, broom, flowerpot, flowers, expensive lights, etc.
  • Arrange to keep trained decorator and sweeper if necessary.
  • Create a specific committee to look after these matters.



The main tool for the progress of human life is education through which the overall development of a human being is possible. But over time, that is likely to change. The education of ancient times was only biblical education but in the present age, the definition, purpose, and scope of education have expanded considerably. The success of education management depends on the teacher-student. On the curriculum and the school. The school is the main place of learning.

The students of the school spend a lot of time. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the students to keep the school and various school furniture such as chairs, tables, branches, cupboards, doors, windows, fans, etc. clean and tidy. So the school premises should be kept clean and tidy as well as the various furniture of the school should be kept clean and tidy.

Cleaning the school furniture also enhances the beauty of the secondary school. If the students do this work together, the school furniture will be beautified again in a short time.


The purpose of keeping the school furniture clean and tidy is-

  • Protect students from various germs.
  • To help students in physical well-being.
  • To enhance the beauty of the school by cleaning the brass furniture.
  • Develop good habits among the students.
  • To make the school attractive.
  • To develop a good attitude among the students.


There is a special significance in cleaning the various furniture of the school. For example, in order to make the school environment healthier, it is necessary to keep the various school furniture including the school premises clean and tidy so that the school environment is not infected by any germs and the school reading continues.

The human body and mind are intertwined with each other. Students are also able to make it a habit in their home environment to clean the school furniture. Above all, cleanliness enhances the beauty of the school and develops the mentality of the students.


The responsibilities of the headmaster and other teachers of the school are to keep the school furniture clean and tidy.

  • Giving knowledge about furniture cleanliness.
  • Motivate students to clean furniture.
  • Inform students about the benefits of cleanliness.
  • Provide various necessary materials for cleaning various furniture of the school.
  • If necessary, to clean the school furniture with the students themselves, etc.


Non-teaching the staff of the school also helps in cleaning the school furniture in various ways such as-

  • Supply of various necessary materials for keeping the furniture clean and tidy and keeping accounts of the students.
  • To recruit suitable workers and motivate the students for cleaning the furniture if necessary.
  • Going to the market to buy the necessary items, etc.


It is the responsibility of the students to keep the school furniture clean and tidy. The things that students do to keep the various furniture clean are-

  • Students do not write anything so that the furniture such as chairs, tables, cupboards, etc. is not dirty.
  • Regularly clean school furniture with water.
  • Regularly wipe the furniture with a dry wet cloth.
  • Using phenyl or acid if necessary.
  • Adhere to various rules and regulations to keep the furniture clean.


The responsibilities that I have performed as a trainee teacher for the purpose of keeping the school furniture clean and tidy are as follows-

  • The purpose of keeping school furniture and school environment clean is to impart knowledge about cleanliness to the students.
  • To impart knowledge about hygiene, health, beauty, and aesthetics to the students.
  • If necessary, join hands with the students in this work.
  • Provide some materials such as Scotch, Acid, and Finale, etc.
  • How many rules to make to keep different furniture clean, such as – do not write anything on school furniture, etc.


The initiatives that can be taken to keep school furniture clean are-

  • Specific funds need to be allocated to keep the various furniture of the school clean.
  • Provide adequate materials for cleaning school furniture.
  • The headteacher of the school needs to be aware of the cleanliness of the furniture.
  • The knowledge and discussion of the parents about the cleanliness of various furniture.
  • A specific committee needs to be formed to keep the school furniture clean which will be responsible for cleaning the school furniture.



In addition to school reading, there are a number of rules and regulations, one of which is the prayer meeting. This prayer meeting is held before the commencement of reading in almost every school. In this prayer meeting, teachers, students, non-teaching staff, head teachers all attend a large place in the school. In this prayer meeting the students of the school sing a national anthem or any other music in unison. The school’s physical education teacher is responsible for most of the assembly. Sometimes a special announcement of the school is made in this assembly. [Name of the selected school must be written]

Prayers everyone is able to gain knowledge about the international country of the students through news headlines and discussions. Through this prayer meeting the teacher gets the opportunity to build good relations between the students. The tendency to work according to a rule increases among all students, teachers, and non-teaching staff.


 The objectives of the school prayer meeting are as follows –

  • Students can know daily news from home and abroad.
  • Discipline is created among the students.
  • Social relations are formed as a result of consensus with all.
  • Teachers develop a good attitude among students.
  • Students become peers.
  • Becomes fit for other school activities.
  • Teachers develop interactions between students.


There are important aspects of school prayer meeting such as- Through the prayer meeting all the teachers and students of the school gather together and there is an opportunity for exchange of ideas between them. Prayer songs are sung in all the tracts through which the practice of music is created. Discipline is also created in all teachers and students.

Role of Headmaster and Other Teachers:

The head teachers and other teachers play an important role in school prayer meetings.

  • Educating students about prayer meetings. Talking about the benefits of prayer meetings.
  • Encourage students to attend prayer meetings.
  • Specify a specific time for the prayer meeting.
  • Arrange the necessary materials for the prayer meeting such as mic.
  • Make necessary rules and regulations if necessary.
  • Make various arrangements if necessary etc.

Role of Non-Teaching Staff:

In addition to the head teacher and other teachers of the school, they also help the non-teaching staff in various ways such as-

  • Students are asked to attend the prayer meeting at the appropriate time.
  • Provide various equipment such as mouth speaker or mic.
  • Making various rules and regulations etc.

Role of Students:

The students of the school also play a vital role in holding the school prayer meeting.

  • Students regularly attend prayer meetings on time.
  • Students listen carefully to special announcements or news headlines.
  • Standing properly in the gathering place as per rules.
  • Prayer everyone sang the national anthem.

Role of Trainee-Teacher:

The duties I have performed for the prayer meeting as an instructor in the selected high school are-

  • I have asked the students to come regularly and at the right time.
  • I have talked about the benefits of the student prayer meeting.
  • I attended regular prayer meetings at my own time.
  • Conducted occasional prayer meetings.
  • Asking other general knowledge questions including news headlines.


The following steps can be taken to improve the prayer meeting –

  • Arrangement of a large room for assembly.
  • Arrangement of high quality equipment for assembly such as drums, instruments, harmonium etc.
  • Recruitment of teachers in advanced trained physical education for assembly.



Apart from school reading, other activities are also performed in which cultural program is one of the important issues. Like every school, this selected school also hosts cultural events. However, this school celebrates the annual school day as a cultural event. [Name of the selected school should be written]

 Annual School Day is observed in every school at the end of the academic year. Students are informed about this program in advance so that they are ready for various subjects such as dance, song, recitation, drama etc. In the cultural program of the school, the school and the stage are decorated with different colourful flowers, clothes and lighting. Besides, different bouquets of flowers are kept on the stage.

Guests attending the ceremony are greeted with bouquets of flowers. The ceremony is sometimes one day or sometimes three or four days long.

Cultural program is the interaction of different cultures, cultures and languages ​​of a country. Through this it is possible for the students and the people of the society to get acquainted with the culture of their country.


The purpose of organizing the cultural program of the school is-

  • Introduce students to their culture.
  • Provide opportunities for community interaction with schools.
  • To give students the opportunity to awaken their latent talents.
  • To develop a spirit of cooperation and empathy among the students.
  • They are able to fulfil their responsibilities in future life through various functions like school arrangements, reception of guests, conducting of programs etc.
  • Teachers develop friendly relations between students.


The cultural program of the school is as important as it is important. The important aspects of the cultural program of the school are that people of different religions and nationalities attend the program and help in the program. Students also develop knowledge of their country and different cultures of the country.

Role of Headmaster:

The cultural events of the school are organized. The role of the head teacher of the school is very important.

  • Determine who should be considered as a guest in the event.
  • To divide different responsibilities among other teachers, students and non-teaching staff.
  • To motivate all students to enroll in various subjects.
  • Giving welcome speech on the occasion.
  • Observes various functions in the program.

Role of Other Teacher and Non-Teaching Staff:

The school also helps other teachers and non-teaching staff in various cultural events such as-

  • To perform various duties following the instructions of the head teacher.
  • Sending invitation letters to different guests.
  • Purchase of necessary materials for arranging schools and stage.
  • Motivate students to do different things.
  • To make arrangements for the people and everyone present at the event.
  • To help arrange the school.
  • Arrange reception.

Role of Students:

Students of cultural events play a special role such as –

  • Contains various dances, music, performances, recitations, lectures.
  • Arranges school, stage etc. for the occasion.
  • Arrange seating for parents.
  • Directs plays, helps change scenes.
  • Helps in Sound Control.

Role of Trainee-Teacher:

The responsibilities I have performed in the cultural program of the school selected as B.Ed trainee are-

  • To motivate the students to participate in various subjects like music etc.
  • To assist the teacher and other non-teaching staff in conducting the program.
  • Assist in directing plays.


The best ways to improve a school’s cultural program are:

  • If necessary, it is necessary to bring dancers and music from outside.
  • It is better to play suitable musical instruments.



In the British era, education in India meant only the process of making clerks. So at that time the teaching process was just to teach English like work and the emphasis was on developing in the students the qualities to apply for office clerk. The educational structure built by the British rulers was adopted in independent India. The handicraft-oriented education that Gandhiji introduced was also not universally accepted. As a result, the issue of human resource preparation through education was being neglected. Kothari Commission’s first education officer and Patel Committee S. V. P. W. mentions very seriously.

The Kothari Commission (1964-66) declared the officer as a special part of education in order to combine education with life, productivity. Work experience is enhanced through participation in one’s own home, school, workshop, farm, farm or any kind of productive work.

The full form of S. V. P. W is “Socially Useful Productive Work”. According to Wikipedia- “socially useful productive work is a subject in Indian schools where students can from whose a number of vocational education activities-emend, knitting, gardening, cooking, painting, and other crafts and hobbies.”


The objectives of S. V. P. W in school are as follows-

  • Students form work habits of manual labour individually or collectively.
  • To create a sense of dignity in the students and to acquaint them with the world of work.
  • Develop the student as a social member.
  • To inculcate the values ​​of empathy, cooperation, self-reliance etc. in the students.
  • To make the student accustomed to perform various tasks.
  • To create interest in productive work among the students.
  • Making students vocational.


The significance of S. V. P. W’s school in India at that time was just as significant in present day India. This is because the education teaches modern technology to be applied in various real life jobs as it widens the gap between the educated and the uneducated and the few, builds respect for work, helps the youth to develop a healthy attitude towards work and above all helps to increase national productivity.

By bridging the gap between a small number of educated and a large number of uneducated people irrespective of race, religion and caste, work experience in establishing socialism and solidarity at the national level helps in economic development of the country.

Role of Headmaster:

In school S. V. P. W or the head teacher of work experience education plays a special role such as-

  • Motivate school students to S. V. P. W.
  • Inspires other teachers and teaching staff and students in S. V. P.W.
  • Recruitment of teachers for trained work experience if required.
  • Payment in this sector if required.

Role of Other Teachers:

The responsibilities of other teachers in the school for S. V. P. W are –

  • Giving knowledge to students about work-oriented education.
  • Inform students about the benefits of S. V. P. W.
  • To help students choose scholarships in their future lives.
  • To help students in their creative development.
  • To assist the students in this work in various ways such as- giving ideas, informing the method, supply of materials etc.

Role of Non-Teaching Staff:

Non-teaching staff in the school also provide special assistance for S. V. P. W.

  • Students can practice experiential learning without any hindrance in choosing a suitable place or room in the school.
  • Accounting and financing of expenditure in various sectors.
  • Join the students themselves if necessary.
  • Supply of various materials etc.

Role of Students:

The most important role for S. V. P. W is the students of the school. The activities that the students do are –

  • Students show considerable interest in this type of education.
  • Students often purchase various necessary materials for this work.
  • Students make various distant and useful things with different waste materials such as paper, cloth, wool, plastic with patience and attention.
  • Students help in enhancing the beauty of the school by keeping their made items in the school.

Role of the Trainee-Teacher:

The roles we have played in the school S. V. P. W  as a training teacher in the selected school are-

  • Giving knowledge to students about S. V. P. W.
  • Motivate students to work about S. V. P. W.
  • Inform students about the benefits of S. V. P. W.
  • Provide materials for making various things if required.
  • How to make different things.
  • If necessary, join them in various activities.


The following can be applied to improve school career or S. V. P. W –

  • Students need to be motivated in productive education.
  • Students will have a Laboratory for S. V. P. W. It will have the necessary materials for productive work.
  • If necessary, experienced Art and Graft Teacher should be appointed.
  • School productive education can be made compulsory.


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