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Changes in human life happen in different ways. Such as physical, mental, social, etc. changes. Through this change, a child changes into an adult human being through a number of steps. The processes that work at the root of this change are:

1) Growth and

2) Development 

1) Growth: 

Growth Psychologists refer to quantitative changes in a child’s body, such as body size (length, width, and height) and weight gain.

In this context, psychologist Arnold Gessel says, “Growth is a function of the organism rather than of the environment as such.” That is, growth is a function of the body that is not entirely determined by the action of the environment.


Physiological and structural changes in a person such as changes in body size, height, length, width, etc. These can be easily measured, it is growth.

2) Development:

The general meaning of development is change. This change comes gradually in human life and lasts for some time. This type of change is development.

In this context, psychologist Berk says in his book Child Development: “Which includes all the changes we experience thought-out the life span.” That is to say, all the changes that take place in our lives throughout life are development.


A child can sit first, then crawl, then stand and then walk. This is the order in which the baby changes, this is development.


In view of the above discussion, it can be said that the role of growth and development in the development of individual life is particularly important. Therefore, for the overall and healthy development and growth of the child, schools, teachers, parents, and neighbors need to play a special role, only then the growth and development of the child will take place properly.


  1. Sarkar Bijan, Childhood and Growing Up, Aaheli Publication, Kolkata.
  2. Mate Jayant, Childhood and Growing Up, Rita Publication, Kolkata.


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অ্যডমিনের অনুমতি ব্যতিত এই ওয়েবসাইটের যেকোনো লেখা কপি-পেস্ট করে অন্য কোন ব্লগ, সোশ্যাল মিডিয়া ইত্যাদিতে পোস্ট করা কিংবা ছাপানো সম্পূর্ণভাবে নিষেধ। অন্যথায় আইনত উপযুক্ত যথাযথ ব্যবস্থা গ্রহণ করা হবে।


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